Casa Ulloa’s coat of arms


It is the same coat of arms as Martinez de Salazar’s one. It consists of two passer-by wolves taking their anger out on the tree, exclusive from the Martinez family, and the Salazar’s thirteen stars.

Casa Ulloa’s history


Casa Ulloa is located in Melide, in the village of Casal. There are bibliographical references to the house dating from the seventeenth century. It has belonged to the same family since then. Different changes during its history have left several marks in its structure.

There are documents which show that Pedro Fuciños Boado and his family were the first who lived in this house. His son-in-law, Miguel Martinez Salazar, born in Zalla, in the province of Vizcaya, was a judge in Melide.

In 1688 he requested to Real Chancilleria de Valladolid the- “Real Carta ejecutoria de Vizcainía”(A document which recognized that a person had been born in Vizcaya)-His coat of arms is placed in the main front of the house.

His descendants linked by several marriages to different families from the area. At the end of the eighteenth century Mrs. Micaela Somoza Cornejo married Mr. Juan Ulloa Varela Seijas. It was in that moment when the house received the family name “Ulloa”, as it is currently known in the area. Their great-grandson, Joaquin Ulloa Puga, had his initials placed at the entrance lintel.

At the beginning of the twentieth century a fountain was built opposite the house; it supplied potable water from a horizontal mine.

In 2012 the restoring process finished. It provided modern facilities to the house, maintaining its main structure.